What is Love knitting

If you are into the hobby of knitting then you have definitely heard the term love knitting. It can actually be applied to different situations and here are a few of them:

Love Knitting Store

There is actually a online store that has this name. As you can guess it revolves around the love for knitting. It was four girls that all have the same passion for knitting that started this business. Their intent was to be able to offer all of the supplies that one would ever need for knitting that of course means all the many different types of wool, and a big selection of knitting needs along with a huge selection of patterns.

Love Knitting Phrase

Any avid knitter is usually one that knits for many hours at a time and one of the main drivers of this commitment is their love for this hobby. Some do so because they want to be able to sell their finished pieces. Other do it simply for the enjoyment of it which is pleasurable for all their family and friends that end up with the finished products.

Knitting for Worthy Causes

There are some individuals that are totally devoted to knitting for a good cause. There are many knitting groups that have formed with the intent of making knitted goods for worthy causes. There are some groups that knit tiny preemie hats for their local hospitals so that the tiny babes have warm hats to help them through their first few days of life. Then there are other groups who knit for the homeless so they will have warm hats, scarfs and mitts for the cold winter months. Another group does knitted items to send to countries in need.

As can be seen by all these examples love knitting can be used in many different ways.

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