What is a Weawe or a Weave

Sometimes people will ask what is a weawe? Istead of asking what is a weave, which is the proper terminology.

A weave is a technique used in the production of textiles. The techniques for doing this dates back many centuries. Many of the articles of clothing that we wear are made from the weaving of different materials which transforms them into various types of textiles.

Originally weawe or weaving was done totally by hand. The basic concept of weave is to take threads and weave them together both horizontally and vertically so they take on a shape or form.When weaving horizontally this is called a weft, and when weaving vertically this is called a wrap.

The actual form of weaving all started many years ago when string was made by taking two fibres from a plant and twisting them together. This set the groundwork for being able to take different kinds of fibres and creating new techniques for weaving them together to make different textiles such as fine strings or threads which could then be used to weave, spin or sew.

Out of necessity many years ago it was necessary for people to make their own cloths and this is where weave was used to do this. What the finished product would be would all depend on the type of threads that were being used for it.

As time progressed and weave techniques were developed and perfected the 11th century had arrived. Now the time had come where this no longer was done just within the regular households but businesses began to enter into the manufacturing of weaved items.

Once looms were able to be powered through steam and water the weave industry took on a whole new meaning.

Now today weaving is often done as a hand craft and hobby enjoyed by many.

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