What Are Textiles and How are They Used?

Textiles is about different fibres and fabrics and how they are made, and what they are comprised of. This includes yarns, different types of cloth, and clothing. When it comes to hand crafted items they are often made from different types of textiles.

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Yarn is used in the making of many different types of garments. It can be used in different forms such as knitting, weaving, and sewing or crocheting. Basically yarn is really just long strings of fibres that interlock. Yarn can be made from natural fibres or ones that synthetic. Yarn is made by the spinning of the raw fibres which could be wool, or cotton, for example.


Cloth is another common textile that is made up of a collection of different types of yarns or threads. A more common term for cloth is fabric. When the word textiles is used it can mean to any type of material where the fibres are interlacing.


Falls into the textiles category but refers to any type of material that can be worn as clothing.

When you are taking on a hand crafted project that includes the use of textiles you need to know specifically which ones you will be required to use. For example, if you are going to start a knitting project you may want to use some form of yarn which will most likely be one of the categories of wool. In its natural form wool comes from the fibres from different animals which categorizes the different types of wool. for example…

  • Sheep’s wool
  • Mohair and cashmere from Goats
  • Qivuit from Muskoxen
  • Angora from rabbits

You will often have to make the decision to work with natural or synthetic fibres, but the pattern or instructions you are following will usually indicate which type are best to use.

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