Weawing Patterns And What You Need To know

Weawing patterns or more commonly known as weaving patterns is something you are going to want to know about if you are going to get into the hobby of weaving.

The weawing patterns will require you to use different types of weaving techniques and in order to be able to follow these patterns you will need to master these techniques first.

Different Types of Weaving

  • Plain Weave: Sometimes this is called the homespun weave while others call it the taffeta weave pattern. It can be accomplished with using two different types of techniques.
  • Basket Weave: For those that are just getting into weaving they are usually more familiar with the term basket weave. When the project is finished using this technique it looks very much like what you see in many baskets.
  • Twill Weave: When this weave pattern is used you can see the difference in the weave on the two sides. This is the type of weave you will often see in denims.
  • Satin Weave: This perhaps is equally as popular as the basket weave. The materials used in this weave give the finished project a shimmering effect.

These are just a few of the weaving techniques that would be used when you are following weawing patterns.

When you are first starting into weaving be sure to start with the most simple patterns first and start with a small project. For example, you may want to start making pot holders that require weaving. This is a great way to learn the different techniques as you could use one technique for each separate pot holder. If you make a mistake while working on a project this small it is much easier to go back and remove the weave so you can correct it.

Once you start mastering weawing patterns you are really going to feel proud of your accomplishments.

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