Loops and Threads Patterns

For those that are into knitting or even crochet many will use different types of wool and threads for these hobbies. Some of which will be aware of the Impeccable brand which carries the loops and threads line, and because of this there are many loops and thread patterns. If you have not gotten access to these there are a few resources that are available to you.

On the Wrapper

Most often when you buy a skein of this particular wool there will be loops and threads patterns on the inside of the wrapper. This is a great way of getting a free pattern and it will help you with more projects that you may want to take on with this particular type of wool. If you are going to use this type of yarn then you will definitely want loops and threads patterns that will give you instructions for making afghans, sweaters, hats and scarfs.

Local Crafts Store

Any of the major craft supply stores in Canada usually have a large selection of wool and will most likely include this particular brand. Normally when they carry a certain line of wool they will also have many patterns for sale so you should be able to find a selection of loops and threads patterns. These shops is a good start for example.

Free Online

It is very common for avid knitters and crocheters to go online to swap patterns. You may find several people on line that have some loops and threads patterns that they would be willing to swap with you in exchange for some patterns that you have for the same brand, or maybe for other brands.

As a rule of thumb it is always wise to follow the patterns that are applicable to the specific yarn that you are using. So if your using the Impeccable brand loops and treads wool then be sure to get the loops and threads patterns.


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